Emmanuelle Pireyre

Photo by Gilles Weinzaepflen

Emmanuelle Pireyre was our Writer in Residence in February 2017. Emmanuelle is the author of six ‘novels’ (she refers to them as on the borderline between ‘romans’ and ‘poésie’): Congélations et décongélations (2000); Mes Vêtements ne sont pas des draps de lit (2001); Comment faire disparaître la terre? (2006); Foire internationale (2012); Féerie générale (2012),  for which she won the Prix Médicis, and Libido des Martiens (2015)

Emmanuelle also writes for the stage and radio, and does solo as well as collaborative performances and readings. Whilst in St Andrews she was working on her next book as well as engaging with our undergraduate and postgraduate students, organising a creative writing competition and writing a blog.  She can be contacted at emmapireyre@gmail.com