Day 15

The man is sitting on the same bench that the woman was sitting on earlier in the play. She is facing the north sea with a view of the West Coast. He is murmuring the melody of the same Iranian folk song that the woman was singing. He is eating a sandwich. There are many seagulls, either flying or siting on the rocks. The female seagull we saw earlier in the play, comes in and sits on the bench next to him. They are both depressed. The man stops singing. He stares at her; she also stares at him. Long pause. He takes half of his sandwich and gives it to the seagull. She takes it. They both start  murmuring their own songs, while eating their sandwiches.

The Seagull:

‘One day,

Not far from now,

Nets on the skies

Walls on the ground,

No one goes

No one comes’.