Day 11


A 35-year-old man is standing in the bus station of St Andrews with a backpack on his right shoulder. He is from Iraq, with black eyes and black hair. 35 Messages are projected on different places: on his body, on the wall behind him and on the floor. It seems he is looking for someone.

Message 1: Call me little monkey. 🐒

M 2: Call meee.

M 3: Call meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🤬

M4: Where R U? Why is your mobile off?

M5: Helllloooooooooooooooooooooooooo

M6: OK ! call me when you turn on your mobile! 😏

M 7: ????????

M8: ?????????????????????

M9: I have a class, but I will call you afterwards.

M 10: Oh! these lazy students are driving me crazy…🤺.

M 11: Fatima wants to celebrate her new Arabic translation of Hamlet with us. R U OK with that?

M 12: Oh! I forgot to say, I am NOT going to speak Arabic with her. I know how it drives you crazy, you little monkey. 🐵

M 13: Something else! It is not my fault that Fatima looks like Scarlett Johansson…the olive version, of course. 👸🏾😍

M 14: I am getting worried. I called you again, and your mobile is still off.

M 15:  I am sorry. You were right. That was more like a one-sided invasion than love making, and I accept that I was a crazy invader…sorrrrryyy…😓😓😓

M16: Why am I apologizing? You were the one who began fighting in bed, as if you hate me and your job is to annoy me…oh! The whole thing is disturbing… disgusting… .


M 18: I am sorry. Please ignore my last message. I was upset. I love you, I really do.

M 19: 🤡

M 20: I am sure you are happy that I can’t record my voice? You hate my Arabic accent, I know! The voice recorder of my mobile is faulty, and I have no time to fix it.

M 21: You can call me rat as much as you want.

M22: 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀

M 23: Last night you were so weird. You were trying to be natural : dinner was ready, TV was on, and  you were sitting in front of the TV with an IELTS textbook in your hands, but you were so weird. You made me nervous.

M 24:  We are planning to go to that Syrian restaurant on Edgeware road with Fatima. I know how you hate Arabic food; but it is not more than I hate Iranian food. So see you there around 5.

M 26: I am on my way home. I changed my mind. I told her we can’t make it today. I am not really up for it, fed up with everything. 🤮💩🐒

M27: I am at home.

M 28 : Stop this childish, silly game, Whatever it is!

M 29: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

M 30 : ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

M 31: Where are you?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

M 32: If you want to prove you are not predictable! U R NOT!

M 33: I am getting crazy.

M 34: Turn on your mobile.

M 35: I am really mad.

M 36: What? What is this stupid voice message you have sent me…

M 37: What do U mean by ‘I am going to be nowhere, so don’t even try to find me’ ?

M 38 : NO No No No no no no no No no no no no no . You CANNOT just leave me. I will find you even if it takes me my whole life.

The sound of a bus. Then darkness.