Day 4

The woman is sitting  on a bench. It is a cold night. She is writing a letter using her laptop. Her writing is projected on the wall behind her. She does not read the letter, but we can read it. The sound of seagulls can be heard. The Woman Writing: ‘Who am I?’ I kept … Read more

Day 3

The Father is sitting in a rocking chair. He is 75 years old. No emotion in his face. The woman is sitting in front of him. She looks uncomfortable and restless. The Woman: How did you find me? The Father: How did you escape me? The Woman: You know everything. The Father: How do I … Read more

Day 2

Bathroom. The woman is in the bathtub behind the shower curtain. Her shadow can be seen. The Woman: Ms Carmona, can you hear me? I can’t use the shower…I don’t mean I can’t use it, I mean it doesn’t work. There is a small box here, with a ‘turn on’ button, but I can’t turn … Read more

Day 1

Airplane. The Voice of the Flight attendant is heard. We will shortly be landing in Edinburgh. Please keep your seat belts on during the landing until the seat belt light is off. A 35 years old Iranian woman is sitting next to the window. She turns on her mobile phone and checks her messages. She … Read more