I have been provided with a personal office in the School of Modern Languages at St. Andrews University, Buchanan Building, Room No. 119, which makes me very proud to be not only a writer in residence but also a member of Academia. (Academia being the most cherished echo chamber of all my novels.) Ein persönliches … Read more


Exploring a town also means discovering grounds, motifs (and hidden subjects). Eine Stadt erkunden heißt auch Gelände, Motive (und verborgene Subjekte) entdecken.


On my first day after arrival I am a guest in Tom Smith’s Master’s students’ seminar titled „Intermediality and Identity“. The students have been reading my novel „Musik“ and we have a rich two-hour conversation about and around it (me reading excerpts from a Jochen Bonz interview with me about Techno and House, printed in … Read more


Found this enigmatic picture (students in their scarlet gowns) in the internet on my first evening in the apartment, and posted it on Facebook the following morning (received 200 likes). Took my first walk to the ruined Abbey and Cathedral in the morning sun after having registered at the Human Resources department of St. Andrews … Read more


Sunday, October 28, 2018, late afternoon (turning into early evening). After a scenic car ride with Tom Smith who had picked me up at Edinburgh Airport I am opening the bedroom windows of my temporary apartment in St. Andrews, 43 South Street, for the first time. Magnificent north-side ocean view (over picturesque rooftops). There’s even … Read more

Thomas Meinecke

Writer in Residence with an Instagram state of mind Mein Name ist Thomas Meinecke. Ich lebe in einem kleinen Dorf südlich von München im bayerischen Voralpenland. Ich bin Romanschriftsteller, Musiker und Nicht-Musiker, Radio- und Club-DJ. Ich möchte meinen 4-wöchigen Aufenthalt als Writer in Residence an der St. Andrews University zum (bereits auf Anhieb in vollen … Read more