13) Abenddämmerung über Letham

13) Abenddämmerung über Letham


Ich spüre die Gelenke der Zeit. Am Tag

verwuchsen Knochen, hart im Sekundensprung.

Am Abend kommt die Weichheit wieder,

duckt sich die Nacht in die schnellen Wolken.


(Letham, 12. Oktober 2017)


Translation by Kathryn Kean


Nightfall over Letham


I feel the joints of time. In the daytime

merged bones, are toughened by the steps of seconds.

In the evening the softness returns,

the night crouches in the fleeting clouds.


Translation by Cecilia Belis


Twilight over Letham


I sense the turning points of time. During the day

bones that have grown together, are stiffened in a matter of seconds.

In the evening the malleability returns

the night curls up in the rapid clouds.

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